Local Harvest Delivery FAQs:

We work with a large variety of your local farmers who focus on growing food in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We have close relationships and talk to them weekly about what they have that is in bounty and great quality. From this information we create our harvest boxes on Monday and inform our customers that their harvest box has been created. The customer has until our firm deadline of Wednesday at 3pm to customize their box and add to their order from our large grocery list.
We deliver to the areas of Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Summerland, Carpinteria and Ventura. All deliveries are on Saturdays between 12 and 8pm.
No. We pack your produce in wax boxes which keeps the food fresh for several hours. We also pack your cold items in special cooler bags with ice packs. So you do not need to be home but should be back sometime on Saturday to put it away.
Yes. Please remember to put out your empty produce box at your designated delivery drop-off for us to pick up. We charge $2.50 per unreturned box, but if you forget to put your box out just do so at your next appointed delivery and we will credit any extra boxes returned. Cooler bags and ice packs need to be returned as well. This helps us keep costs down and lower our footprint on Mother Earth.
If you choose one of our harvest boxes on a recurring order then there is no delivery fee. If you decide to order a la carte without a harvest box, any orders under $60 will incur a $10 delivery fee.
No. But we do highly recommend it as as you get the most value and the best produce for that week. If you prefer to order a la carte you may but you must reach a $60-minimum order to waive the $10 delivery fee.
Once you have a harvest box in your order click on your cart. Then click customize. From there you will see the items in your box. You will also see other items that are at 0 that can be selected as subs. The items in your box can be increased as subs with a max value of what is allowed. Our boxes work on an item for item basis. So if the Little Harvest Box has 12 items in it, that is the maximum number of items allowed in that box. Take out 3 items and choose 3 more items to replace it with from the selection provided.
You can also further customize your box by adding additional produce and groceries to your order.
When we say organic, we mean…all of the local produce you receive is grown by organic and/or environmentally conscious farmers. They do not use pesticides or chemicals. That means your subscription is supporting healthy soil and sustainable agriculture in your community.
On the Thursday before your Saturday delivery we will invoice your order and charge your card on file the amount due for your Saturday delivery.
If you have recently signed up for our service and your card is declined, we will HOLD your delivery until the account has been updated. If you have been a long-term customer with an established payment history, we will continue deliveries for up to two weeks before putting a HOLD on your scheduled delivery as we understand that life does happen.
Of course! Just make sure to make your request before our Wednesday at 3pm deadline. Go to My Account, click on Vacations and put in your vacation time.
Yes. The only thing that we require is you cancel before our Wednesday at 3pm deadline if you are expecting a Saturday delivery. Please send your cancelation request to info@localharvestdelivery.com.
Just email us at info@localharvestdelivery.com
We are happy to answer any and all questions. We usually reply within 24 hours as customer service is our top priority.

Thank you!

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