How it works

We offer a unique “get what you want” Farmers Market online experience.  We meet with your local organic farmers weekly to decide what local produce is fresh and available for you. The harvest is then collected Saturday morning from the farmers and artisans. We then pack your selection and deliver to your doorstep all on that Saturday. Most of our local produce is harvested the Friday before your Saturday delivery meaning you can really taste the freshness! All produce is organic or grown with no chemicals ever!

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Step One: Account Setup

• Click Subscribe and fill out the registration form.

•  Browse our shop and customizable harvest boxes.

  • You can choose a one time or recurring order of a customizable harvest box. Ordering a harvest box ensures you will not be charged a delivery fee and you will get the most for your dollar.

• Shop for additional produce or other grocery needs like coffee, honey, nuts, cookies and much more. 

  • We also offer a la carte ordering. Order whatever you wish and create your own perfect box. When ordering a la carte a  $50-minimum must be reached for free delivery.

Step Two: Ordering/Delivery

• We email you on Monday to let you know we have talked to all of your farmers and harvest boxes have been created and the website has been updated with all the best local produce and food available that week. You have from Monday afternoon until Wednesday by noon to customize your box and/or change your order for that upcoming Saturday. You can also skip your order for any Saturday you need to. There is no commitment to our service.

  • You can then Customize or Create your Harvest Box..

• Once the box has been created on Monday. Open your cart and under your Harvest Box, you will see a blue button that says CUSTOMIZE.
Click on this button and it will bring you to the Customize Page. (Note this button will not appear until after we create the box on Monday)
You can then substitute item for item with select produce available. Below is an example of the customize screen. The Default value means what is currently in the box and the Max Qty means how much is allowed in the box. As you take out and add items the screen on the right will show you what is in your box and how many items you have left to add to fill it. 

• Shop our store to add all other items you want to be delivered that Saturday. You can also add these items to a recurring order so you do not have to remember to order each time. 

• Once your order is set you will receive your harvest box at your doorstep on Saturdays between the hours of 11 am -6 pm. You do not need to be home for delivery but please leave us any delivery instructions that are needed.

•   We reuse the wax produce boxes we deliver to you. Remember to return your empty produce box when you are expecting your next delivery. We charge $2.50 per unreturned box, but if you forget to put your box out just do so at your next appointed delivery. Don't worry if you forget we do not charge until we have contacted you. This helps us keep costs down for our customers and minimize our footprint on our environment.

Step Three: Healthy Lifestyle

• Simply adding local chemical-free fruits and vegetables to your diet is good for your health and your environment.
• Skip the farmers market and free up more time to de-stress or exercise on your Saturday.
• Congratulate yourself on making healthy choices and supporting your local economy.

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Have more questions? Feel free to email us at  FAQ's and Privacy Policies.



We stand behind our quality. If you are unsatisfied with a product we will replace or refund it.
When we say ORGANIC, we mean... All of the local produce you receive is grown by organic and/or environmentally conscious farmers. They do not use pesticides or chemicals. That means your subscription is supporting healthy soil and sustainable agriculture in your community.

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