About Local Harvest Delivery

Our Mission

Our mission is to make locally grown food easy to get and easy to use.  We passionately believe in the power of eating healthy food that’s grown without the use of harsh chemicals and at farms close to your home, so that it needn’t travel far to reach your plate. Our guiding principle is that if more people eat locally grown, nutritious food and practice a healthy lifestyle, this will increase the health and well-being of the individual, the family, the farmer, the environment, and the community.

Why we do what we do

We came together with three major goals in mind: to help your local farmers sell their bounty, to help people eat local and healthy, and to create customer satisfaction by giving the customer what they want and providing top-notch customer service. We thank you for your support, and pledge to be truthful and real; to work towards a better environment for all future generations. Our delivery service is based on these principles.

Why you can trust us.

We say Yes to Mother Nature and No to chemicals! And we truly understand the value of community. Many farmers have noted that after years of working with us, Local Harvest Delivery has in fact helped them stay in business. Many customers, similarly, praise the diversity and customizability of our service, claiming that having fresh groceries delivered weekly has changed their health entirely. It’s a lifestyle in which your health and support pay forward the health and support of many.

What makes us different.

   We will always put our environment over the dollar in every decision and action we make. Local Harvest Delivery is a small business that not only supports families in the Santa Barbara community but also helps the local farms to thrive. We’re not trying to make the most money buying and selling the cheapest produce from a wholesale list but instead focus on supporting family farmers who need to boost sales in order to stay in business. Every week, we ask farmers what bounty they have for the following week and then create a balanced box from that list.

At the end of the day, if Local Harvest Delivery customers are taken care of, the farmers are too. For us, it is a very holistic a gratifying way to do business.

julieandsarahThank you for supporting local food and farmers!

Julie Beaumont & Sarah Coffman
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