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So Let's Get Started Building Your Order:

We recommend that you start with one of our Harvest boxes as a recurring order. You can change this at anytime. Choosing a harvest box lets you waive the delivery fee and gets you the most for your dollar. Go to our Product Categories in the Store and click on "Harvest Boxes" With just one click you can create your weekly recurring order.  You can also Customize this box and add to your order.  Or you can choose to order a la carte and shop all our products and build your own custom order, but remember when doing it this way you must reach a $50 minimum in order to waive the $10 delivery fee.

Check out this video on how our ordering system works.

Things to know:
After talking with all of our local farmers we create our harvest boxes on Monday. We will then send out an email saying that your box contents have been created and you can now Customize that box if you would like.
Our firm deadline to make changes to your order for that Saturday is Wednesday by 3pm.
After our deadline the system will no longer let you make changes and will switch to the next Saturday. So the option to customize your harvest box will be available from Monday to Wednesday.

How Delivery Works:

All deliveries are on Saturday between 12 and 8pm.

You do not need to be home for delivery. We deliver in a wax produce box that keeps your produce and groceries fresh for awhile but you should be home sometime that Saturday to put them away.
Please break down your box and leave it outside for us to pick up the next time you are expecting a delivery. Also return any cooler bags and ice packs that you get if you order perishable grocery items. 

We charge $2.50 for any missing boxes or cooler bags. But don’t worry if you get it to us the next time around we will refund the charge back to you.

What You Pay:

On the Thursday before your Saturday delivery we will charge the card you have on file for the order you have placed.

You will only pay a $10 delivery fee if you order a la carte without a harvest box and do not reach our $50 minimum.

So now it's time to explore our products and make your selections!

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