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Thank you for subscribing to Local Harvest Delivery. Unfortunately, due to an increase in demand, we are forced to put all new customers on a waiting list. We are dedicated to bringing you local, organic produce and groceries to your doorsteps during this difficult time. Please be patient with us. At the moment we are only anticipating a 1 to 2-week wait and may even be able to get you going for our next Saturday delivery. We just need to make sure we have not exceeded our delivery max and then can activate you. Once your account is removed from the waitlist we will let you know and you will be able to start getting fresh local food delivered to your door.

We are sorry to have to do this but our goal is to get you going as fast as possible. If you do not wish to be on the waitlist please let us know so we can cancel your account and move others up in line.


Julie & Sarah

Update: Certain procedures have changed that are stated in this video.

 Thank you for your understanding!
Julie & Sarah 

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